Solar Terrain
Design and installation of solar powered systems in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties.
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System Life Expectancies

Kristopher Roscoe - October 28th, 2009

PV modules are typically warranted for 25 years but we are seeing that they are lasting much longer than the manufacturers warranty.  Panels that were installed over 40 years ago are still producing electricity!  Modules are very resilient, even to physical damage.  A homeowner can expect a slight decrease in module efficiency over the years but it is negligible. The best part is that the modules will be producing electricity long after the return on investment is satisfied.

This is a video from ALT-E.  They are testing a module.  Great guys up there!



Standard Grid Tied System

Philadelphia Solar Home

DC energy created by the PV panels runs into the inverter and creats an alternating current (AC). Then AC current is metered prior to heading back into the grid.

U.S. Solar Radiation

Philadelphia Solar Chart

This chart shows Philadelphia averages 1600 kW-yr.