Solar Terrain
Design and installation of solar powered systems in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties.
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Solar panel powering electric bicycle on green journey

Rick Way - June 1st, 2010

A California resident is "solar cycling" the Golden State in an effort to raise awareness and generate ideas for cleaner ways of living. Learn more about her journey here.

A quest to cover 1,000 miles for 1,000 clean ideas on a solar charged electric bike. Let’s change our course and Spin It Green!

mySOMBA (Solar Motorized Bicycle Adventure) is a journey through California and a vehicle into your mind to start thinking, brainstorming and creating ways to make our community more energy efficient and a little bit cleaner.

Why: We hear it in the news and we are witnessing the changes, mother-nature is calling for us to change our ways. I am looking for an adventure, a chance to connect, and a desire to see what difference we can make. Let’s start talking, imagining and becoming more efficient with our energy use and try to reduce our carbon footprint.

Goal: I hope to spin into your mind, shine some light on your creative ideas and cycle them out onto paper. Upload a thought, an action or a dreamy idea!

Effect: A chain reaction of innovative ideas, giving the next generation the power to get involved and start implementing clean thinking.



Standard Grid Tied System

Philadelphia Solar Home

DC energy created by the PV panels runs into the inverter and creats an alternating current (AC). Then AC current is metered prior to heading back into the grid.

U.S. Solar Radiation

Philadelphia Solar Chart

This chart shows Philadelphia averages 1600 kW-yr.